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A classic backpack perfected for college or high-school students. BEST STUDENT BOOK BACKPACK!

Our smell-proof backpack has specific earthy colors that are calming to see especially in potentially stressful environments, wilderness, or your classroom during a test.

This high-quality double zipper 100% smell-proof backpack was designed to be an odor-proof bag to keep your books in while looking stylish at the same time, designed to lean against your back and its counterbalancing design works together with your body when you are walking with this backpack to avoid any pressure points or potential issues to your posture in the future.

Our special edition smell-proof bag and backpack collection products use an extra layer of protection through active carbon lining sutures and the technology to bind the smell-proof fabric with an odor-producing particle and negate its effects through carbon filtered waterproof zippers. Perfect to store any warm food that produces a smell and prevent the smell from getting outside of the backpack.

Smell Proof Backpack features lightweight, ergonomic design, perfect for high-schooler gentlemen and gentlewomen that are yet to grow without impeding on their posture in a bad way.


Balck, Brown, Coffee


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